Teeth alignment problems are not only a cosmetic consideration – but they can also contribute to other dental issues. This could include gum disease, tooth decay, difficulty speaking and chewing, jaw pain, and headaches. At Creekside Dental, Vancouver dentist Dr. David Hanson will monitor for potential tooth and bite alignment issues.

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Early detection – and, if necessary, intervention – will correct problems, and can often mean shorter and less extensive treatment regimens. As quality orthodontic care continues to advance, options are becoming less cumbersome and easier to work with. Once the treatment plan is complete, you won’t have to be embarrassed about your teeth anymore.

Orthodontics are an important adjunct to the services Dr. Hanson provides at Creekside Dental. Proper alignment and spacing of teeth are fundamental to the successful outcome of many of the procedures we provide. Modern orthodontics can often be done with less visible and more comfortable appliances than in the past.

There are a wide variety of orthodontic treatment options. Ranging from braces on both the top and bottom teeth to more conservative methods such as clear aligners for less involved straightening.


After taking a medical history, an exam, and impressions or x-rays of your teeth, an orthodontist will prescribe a plan for your braces. Braces are used to correct misaligned teeth and even change the bone structure of the jaw. In minor cases, a removable retainer can be used to correct the problem instead of braces.

Braces are attached to the teeth, applying constant pressure to gradually push, pull, or move the teeth into proper alignment. The process employs wires, brackets, anchors, bands, and host of other accessories that are adjusted at regular intervals. Braces are typically worn for a period of time between 18 months and two years.


Often used in conjunction with braces, headgear help realign the jaw into proper position.
Headgear appliances are used during growth phases of younger patients in order to help guide jaw growth during development.

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Do you have concerns or questions about the positioning or spacing of your teeth? Would you like to see how orthodontics may benefit you or your children? Call and set up an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Hanson. We’ve been treating families in the Vancouver and surrounding areas for more than 25 years and look forward to meeting with you.