A dental implant functions as a replacement for a missing tooth. The body of the implant is integrated with the bone and functions as a platform for whatever particular type of restoration will be placed. For example, implants can support crowns and removable and non-removable partial or complete dentures.

One of the more common scenarios in which an implant replacement is ideal is when a single tooth is lost due to trauma, decay, or gum disease. Typically there is a surgical procedure in which the implant body (replaces root of the tooth) is placed in the jaw bone. After a period of healing, the restorative phase is completed in which a fixture is attached to the implant, and a ceramic crown is connected to that fixture. The result is a fully functioning, non-removable, cosmetically pleasing single tooth replacement.

Dental implants Salmon Creek, WA

Media and the internet are full of information about dental implants. Many times this can lead to questions and confusion. If you have questions about dental implants and how they may be beneficial to you, please call for an appointment with Dr. Hanson. He will be happy to explain in more detail the implant procedure and answer any questions you may have.

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